Gateway triumphs at COMUN 2015

In yet another annual bout of intense diplomatic debate under the auspice of the Colombo Operated Model United Nations, Gateway College remained steadfast and resolute in their victories, going onto win eighteen Awards including a Performance Award. The hard work, dedication and the professionalism of Gateway’s delegates saw them take home more ‘Best Delegate’ awards than any other school in the country. Following three grueling days of debate, lobbying and resolution writing, sixteen Gateway delegates emerged glorious in their individual victories, rising predominantly above the standard of competition of their fellow delegates in the respective committees by winning Best delegate, Runner up Best Delegate, Honorary Mention and High Commendation awards. Gateway also secured the most valuable exco member award.

If the prominence and focus of the competition that was organized by the Overseas School of Colombo under the theme ‘Global Deadlock’ was on facts and debate, the Gateway team should be considered outstanding as they represented the policies of their countries and worked tirelessly to ensure that the quality and level of debate never decreased, researching and delving into the immense strata of problems and solutions in their respective topics.

(Gateway’s award winners accompanied by Deputy Headmaster of Gateway College Dehiwela, Mr. Anthony Chelliah, Headmaster of Gateway College Colombo, Mr. Harshana Perera and Deputy Headmistress, Mrs. Vinita Shenoy. )

Gateway’s delegates secured many awards from a wide range of committees amounting to a total of 16 awards. These included the best delegate award won by Isuru Abeysekara, Runner up Best Delegate award won by Aiyoob Jaward Mohammed and Honorary Mention won by Asjad Arshad in General Assembly 1 (Committee on disarmament and security), Best Delegate Award won by Senith Wanigasuriya, Higher Commendation won by Raveena Weerabahu and Honorary mention won by Anish Fonseka in General Assembly 2 (Economic and Financial Committee), Best Delegate won by Rahul Maheswaran and Honorary Mention won by Sanjana Kolongoda in General Assembly 4 (Special Political and Colonization committee).


In the specialized committees, Sajana Weerawardna won the Best Delegate award, Saritha Irugalbandara won the Runner up Best Delegate award and Thisal Manneperuma won the Honorary Mention award in UNPC. Ruqaiyah Shiraz won the High Commendation award and Jumana Ibrahim won the Honorary Mention award in the United Nations Commission for Humans Rights. Framjee Hathy won the High Commendation award and Akhila Randeniya won the Honorary Mention award in the International Court of Justice. Dulanjana Kumaratunga won the High Commendation award in the Security Council.

Alongside these conventional awards, Melantha Jansz was awarded the award for the Most Valued Executive Committee member. The conference EXCO members included Gateway’s EXCO Dayan Surendranathan as Vice President of GA4 and Hasitha Jayathilake Vice president of GA2.

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