The IGCSE Stars of Gateway visit University of Melbourne

In a joint initiative between University of Melbourne and Gateway College, the students who received the best results at the June 2017 IGCSE examination in each of the Gateway Campuses in Colombo, Kandy, Negombo and Dehiwala were provided with the opportunity to take part in a fully paid visit to Australia. In December 2017, University of Melbourne, the prestigious Go8 University, hosted the students and afforded them with the opportunity to participate in a summer programme that suited their interests and future plans. The students described their experience in the following manner:

Adithi Randeni, Gateway College Colombo - 12 A Stars at IGCSE

The program by Trinity College was one that will be forever remembered by me, not only because of the remarkable experiences I had but because of the remarkable people I met. The program had students from around the world. Each of these people had a different outlook on life and a different experience to share. Additionally, this program taught me many things about responsibility as it was the first time that I was away from my family and familiar friends for a whole week. Further, apart from the brilliant labs and biomedical research that we were shown and allowed to take part in, this program showed me that life at university would not be as daunting as I first believed it would be and has made me a more confident, determined individual as a whole.

Jacintha Richards, Gateway College Kandy - 11 A Stars at IGCSE

Trinity College is a beautiful campus with a huge scheme of old-fashioned buildings and architecture. We had the pleasure of being guided and looked after by mentors who were under-graduates of the University. In total, there were nine students from eight countries and we were able to choose a particular stream from the following: Science and Engineering, Fine Arts, Law and Justice. As a student following the Science and Engineering stream, I enjoyed activities such as creating solar cells with raspberry juice, making a DC motor, building mini rockets and attending lectures conducted by professional university lecturers. We were also taken on several outings where we got the chance to explore the city of Melbourne in all its glamour and sophistication.

Keshin Karunaratne, Gateway College, Negombo - 11 A Stars at IGCSE

The University of Melbourne gave us students the opportunity to attend lectures conducted by the most influential personnel in the fields of the physical and chemical sciences, and global climate change. As an individual who believes that renewable resources will be the optimum alternative to fossil fuels, the seminar discussing the flexible solar technology was illuminating. An extension of these seminars were the workshops which placed special emphasis on the practical sciences, where we learned about robotics, rocket aerodynamics and even how to make solar cells from titanium dioxide and raspberry juice! Focusing on leadership, a guest speaker from the corporate sector of Australia, clearly portrayed to us the qualities of a good leader, taking the Battle of Gettysburg as a case study.

Dhanushi Srinivasan, Gateway College, Dehiwala - 10 A Stars at IGCSE

The Young Leaders Program hosted by the University of Melbourne was an unforgettable experience. The educational activities focused on an innovative and futuristic world, with informative presentations on the chemistry of solar power, solutions to climate change and leadership skills. We learnt how to programme robogals, create motors, make solar cells and launch rockets built by us. We visited Scienceworks, the lightning room and pumping station, Monash University’s medicine manufacturing centre, Upper Yarra sewage treatment plant and Woori farm school. We participated in trivia nights, hip hop, karaoke, cricket and visited the Melbourne skywheel. The typical multicultural university lifestyle was refreshing and instilled within me an urge to learn, while achieving a better sense of the world.

Back Row: Pubudu Wijesinghe Higher Education Counsellor of Gateway Colleges, Dr. Harsha Alles, Chairman, Gateway, Claire Bingley, Regional Manager, Offshore Recruitment, External Relations, University of Melbourne, James Kerley, Regional Manager, Trinity College, University of Melbourne and Josephine Pope, Selection and Recruitment Officer, Faculty of Business and Economics.
Front Row: Jacintha Richards, Dhanushi Srinivasan, Adithi Randeniya and Keshin Karunaratne

Gateway introduces Innovation Studios for emerging young inventors

Gateway College has established Innovation Studios to take STEM learning to the next level, where students will be provided with a safe environment in which they can research and experiment on new ideas.

Last year, the school successfully introduced STEM learning and Robotics into the curriculum which has had a tremendous impact on the interest and engagement in subjects such as science and computing amongst students. The school believes that the introduction of the Innovation Studio will prepare students better for 21 st century needs.

The Innovation Studios aims to provide students with prototyping skills and build their ideas into working projects. To facilitate this, the Innovation Studios host various tools such as hack saws, files, taps, drills, clamps and equipment such as pillar drill machines, grinders as well as latest tools such as 3D printers. It is also well stocked with various raw materials, electric, mechanical and electronic components that are required for prototyping. Children are trained to use the mentioned tools and equipment with proper safety precautions.

The Innovation Studio programmes carefully takes children through the design cycle that includes idea generation and optimization, dimensioning the model, selecting proper and available material, using the best possible prototyping process and finally testing the models on said parameters. The studio has a technician to help students attain various skills required for making products. The school look forward to seeing students patenting their inventions that will be beneficial to their community and country.

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