Gateway College incorporates songs from the ‘Little Minds Strong Values’ programme for its Sinhala and Tamil lessons of the Primary School

The ‘Little Minds Strong Values’ is an initiative designed to bring values and ethics into focus at a young age through video animated songs. Founded by Rukshan Perera, an established composer, director, multi-instrumentalist and singer, the programme aims at building a foundation for a society of good mannered, civic minded and decent people.

Having closely studied the programme, Gateway College has decided to incorporate a selection of songs in its Sinhala and Tamil lessons from the beginning of the new academic year in September 2021. Learning of Sinhala and Tamil is an integral component in Gateway’s curriculum. By incorporating Sinhala and Tamil songs from Years 1 to 6, the school aims at making language learning interesting and fun and easier to comprehend while building the vocabulary of both languages.

With many songs having both a Sinhala and a Tamil version, the students will also have an opportunity to make connections across the two languages. With certain songs, the school has decided to introduce the song in one language at a particular grade and follow up with the same song in the other language at a later grade in order to establish continuity over the years.

Among the 19 songs chosen are songs such as Sathutin Imu, Kadamaigal, Puhul Hora, and Oru Thai Pillaikal that focus on themes like happiness, duties, folklore and togetherness.

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