Gateway, Trinity, Hillwood and St. Sylvester’s initiate an Annual Quadrangular Encounter in the Hill Country

In celebration of its 20 th Anniversary, Gateway College Kandy will host the Inaugural Quadrangular Encounter; an annual encounter which will include three sports; namely Basketball, Football and Netball. This encounter has been organized not merely to mark the great strides the school has made making it one of the foremost international schools in the country, but also to promote goodwill with prominent national and private schools in Kandy, thus furthering national cohesion.

This is the first time any international school or national school in the Hill Country has attempted to hold a sports encounter of this nature involving several other schools. The Founder Chairman of Gateway College the late Mr. R.I.T. Alles envisioned enabling every child, irrespective of social and economic differences or where they receive their education, to reach the highest possible potential in education and sports. The quadrangular encounters have been planned with exactly this vision in mind.

The first encounter will be a Basketball match between Gateway College Kandy and St. Sylvester’s College, Kandy. This will take place at Gateway College Kandy on the 3 rd of February 2020 from 4.00 PM onwards. The two schools will vie for the Asoka Herath - Ranil Meetiyagoda Challenge Trophy named after two widely-respected school principals in the Central Province. This match will be preceded by a girl’s invitation match between Gateway College Kandy and Hillwood College Kandy.

The second and third encounters will be held on the 6 th of February 2020 at the Trinity College Rugby Stadium, Pallekele from 2.00 PM onwards. The event will get underway with a Netball encounter between Gateway College Kandy and Hillwood College, Kandy who will compete for the Rohini Alles – Somakumari Samarasinghe Challenge Trophy. Mrs. Rohini Alles of Gateway College, the wife of the founder Chairman, the late Mr. R.I.T. Alles, is currently the Managing Director of the Gateway Group. Mrs. Somakumari Samarasinghe was the first Sri Lankan principal of the 130-year old Hillwood College. Both these exceptional personalities have been an inspiration to countless generations of young women. An invitation Netball match between Gateway College Colombo and Kandy Girls’ High School will be played, after the main event.

History states that Kandy Girls’ High School, under the leadership of Ms. Jenny Green, introduced the sport of netball to the Island. Further, the first netball match of the Island was played between Girls’ High School and Hillwood College Kandy. It was this historical significance that prompted Gateway College Kandy to incorporate these two schools into the encounter.

The Netball matches will be followed by a Football match between Gateway College Kandy and Trinity College, Kandy, scheduled for 4.30 PM. The teams will play for the R.I.T. Alles – Reverend Ireland Jones Challenge Trophy. Mr. R.I.T. Alles of Gateway College was Founder Principal of both D.S. Senanayake College and Gateway College as well as State Secretary of Education. He is remembered for his relentless efforts towards improving education in the country. Reverend Ireland Jones, Founder of Trinity College Kandy, is remembered as a magnetic personality who shaped the lives of the students, implanting them with qualities beneficial to the community they live in. These two extraordinary individuals share the unique similarity of being dedicated and eminent educationists in the Island.

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