The Second Annual Football Encounter between S.Thomas’ College and Gateway College

The stage is set for the second annual football encounter between S. Thomas’ College and Gateway College, with both teams vying for the prestigious Neville De Alwis – Ralph Alles Challenge Trophy. Named after two renowned educators, this trophy is a reminder of everything they stood for; camaraderie, sportsmanship and equal opportunity.

The late Mr. Neville de Alwis served as the 15 th Warden of S. Thomas’ College from 1983 to 1998 and during his tenure the school witnessed growth and development in all spheres including academic, extra-curricular activities and infrastructure. His visionary leadership and outstanding qualities as an educator were well ahead of his time. Similarly, the late Mr. Ralph Alles, commenced his journey as a teacher of Royal College where he served for over 10 years. Having served as Founder Principal of D.S. Senanayake College and Gateway College as well as State Secretary of Education he is remembered by many as one of the finest educators the country has produced.

Both S. Thomas’ College and Gateway College continuously strive towards the development of sports in this country. What these two schools invest in their sportsmen will not only benefit the individuals themselves, but also the schools they come from and the country they so proudly represent.

The inaugural encounter played in January, 2019 saw the team from Gateway College emerge victorious with a remarkable display of skillful maneuvering and excellent teamwork. This year too spectators can be guaranteed an exciting game as both teams are equally matched, each having had a series of wins in the last year.

The second annual encounter is scheduled for 25 th  January, 2020 at 6.00pm at the Race Course Grounds, Colombo. The main Under 20 match will be preceded by matches between the Under 12, 14 and 16 teams as well as a girls’ game between the teams of Gateway College and the Overseas School of Colombo.

Organized by S. Thomas’ College in collaboration with the Football Federation of Sri Lanka it is the hope of all that this annual encounter and the resources provided by the two schools will encourage players to learn not just how to play the game, but to take it to a higher level which will one day bring honour to our great nation.

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