Gateway wins ‘Best Delegation’ award at National Youth Model United Nations 2018

The delegation of Gateway College once again showed a great display of talent at the 3 rd session of National Youth Model United Nations 2018, held on the 29 th and 30 th of October, winning the much coveted Best Delegation award for the second consecutive year. At this conference where many institutions of higher education too compete, Gateway delegates received numerous awards, giving testament to their dedication and diplomacy.

In the First General Assembly, Kumal Udamulla and Siddantha Wedanayake received Honorary Mention awards, Ashref Ahmed and Venuki Mendis achieving Higher Commendations along with Noora Marjan winning the title of the Best Novice in the same committee. In the Fourth General Assembly, Gateway Students were able to acquire three awards, with Basith Nawshard securing an Honorary Mention, Malin Kaushika receiving a Higher Commendation award and Abdul Aziz securing the Best Foreign Policy Statement. In the Commission on Science and Technology for Development, Farhan Naushad was bestowed with the Best Delegate award and Ibrahim Jameel won the Higher Commendation, while Ravija Gunawardana and Thriyampakan Dhivyakrishnan won Honorary Mention awards. In the Commission for the Status of Women, Areeb Atheek secured the Higher Commendation award along with Imaad Muwahid securing the award for the Best Foreign Policy Statement. In the United Nations Human Rights Council, Shaheen Abdul Gani received the Higher Commendation award while Tharidhu Peiris secured the Honorary Mention award. Finally, in the prestigious Security Council, Deveen Harischandra was awarded with Honorary Mention, bringing an outstanding accumulation of 17 awards for the delegation of Gateway College Colombo.

Seated (L-R): Ms. Mystica Waniganayaka Teacher-in charge, Deveen Harichandra, Mr. Anthony Chelliah (Deputy Principal), Mrs Vinita Shenoy (Principal) Rajagiriya, Kumal Udamulla, Dr. Harsha Alles (Chairman), Ibrahim Jameel, Mrs Priyanthi Seneviratne (Principal ) Dehiwala, Mrs Ashra Shibly, Farhan Naushad.

1 st Row (L-R): Venuki Mendis, Imaad Muwahid, Ashref Ahmed, Tharidhu Peiris, Ravija Gunawardana, Malin Kaushika, Siddantha Wedanayake, Areeb Atheek, Basith Nawshard, Shaheen Abdul Gani, Thriyampakan Dhivyakrishnan, Abdul Aziz, Noora Marjan.

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