Gateway Colleges Rajagiriya & Dehiwala shine at the Colombo Model United Nations 2018

After three days of intense debate, the spotlight turned to the students of Gateway College, Rajagiriya and Dehiwala at the the 24 th  session of the esteemed Colombo Model United Nations conference.

Gateway College delegates emerged victorious once again, receiving numerous awards in every single committee at COMUN 2018. It is noteworthy that this is not the first occasion during which the delegates from Gateway outshone them all. Professionalism, diplomacy and talent were prime among the characteristics that these students portrayed at the Colombo Model United Nationals 2018. Their efforts for engaging international foreign policy were rewarded by their rise as an unbreakable, unwavering force of diplomatic strength.

Prashen Fernando and Asjad Arshad secured best delegate awards in the International Court of Justice and United Nations Assembly on Drugs and Crime respectively. Randesh Wickrama, Kumal Udamulla, Abdul Basith Nawshard, Tharidhu Peries and Philip Surendran secured Higher Commendation awards at the Futuristic and Economic Social Council, the United Nations Assembly on Drugs and Crime, General Assembly 4, General Assembly 4 and General Assembly 3 respectively. Deveen Harischandra, Kavin Hasantha Gunasekara, Ashreff Ahmed Mohamed Nazar, Imaad Muwahid, Shaheen Abdul Gani and Malin Kaushika received Honorary Mention awards at the Security Council, International Court of Justice, the United Nations Assembly on Drugs and Crime, General Assembly 4, General assembly 3 and again General Assembly 3 respectively. In the General Assembly 3, Sidhantha Wedanayake received a Best Foreign Policy Statement Award, while Amir Fawaz Ashraff secured a Best Novice Delegate award.

Furthermore, in the ICJ, Prashen Fernando secured the Best Crisis Delegate award, while Asjad Arshad and Tharidhu Peries claimed the Best Delegation, representing the Russian Federation. The continuous support of the staff and alumni of Gateway College has played a major role in the confidence, knowledge and ultimate success of the delegates, paving the way for them to receive such outstanding honours – and the multiple applauds portray the success that the MUN experience has brought about for the students of Gateway. Their experience and the commitment have helped the students of Gateway to speak and assimilate knowledge on the workings of the United Nations.

Seated (L-R): Asjad Arshad, Mr Anthony Chelliah (Deputy Principal), Mrs. Priyanthi Seneviratne (Principal) Dehiwala, Philip Surendran, Dr Harsha Alles ( Chairman), Prashen Fernando, Mrs Vinita Shenoy (Principal) Rajagiriya, Mrs Mystica Waniganayake,(teacher-in- charge), Deveen Harischandra
1 st Row (L-R): Imaad Muwahid,Kavin Gunasekara,Tharindhu Peries, Amir Ashraff, Malin Kaushika, Sidhantha Wedanayake, Randesh Wickrama, Ashreff Nazar, Kumal Udamulla, Shaheen Gani, Basith Nawshard

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