Gateway College Negombo recognized by Pearson Edexcel with ‘Gold Award’ for the second consecutive year

The Social Consciousness and Responsibility of the Students of Gateway College, Negombo were appreciated by Pearson Edexcel by conferring the much coveted Gold Award for Community Service at their High Achievers’ Awards Ceremony that was held at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre. The award winning project was titled ‘OUR VOICE – To empower our community; To protect the Negombo Lagoon’.

The aim of the project was to create awareness and empower the community to preserve their habitat and to establish sustainable techniques to preserve the Negombo Lagoon for the future generation. The project greatly enabled the community to understand the value of the lagoon and the importance of protecting it.

The Negombo lagoon, which covers an area of 35.02 square kilometres or 13.52 square miles, is Negombo’s treasured heritage. It is surrounded by coconut plantations and grasslands but is also densely populated. The lagoon has extensive mangrove swamps and attracts a wide variety of water birds including herons, egrets, gulls, terns and other shorebirds. It is the source of living for most of the community in Negombo. In fact, the lagoon and the community are inseparable. However, for long years, the lagoon has been made a place to dump garbage, causing great destruction to the fauna and flora.

Gateway College Negombo is situated bordering the Negombo lagoon. The school considers it is their right and the responsibility to protect this beautiful natural setting. This led to the students of Gateway College Negombo, ably supported and guided by their Principal and the Teachers to engage in a multitude of activities to protect the lagoon. These included educating the public, visiting schools and handing over garbage bins and joining hands with other schools in planting mangrove seeds and sea grass. The project is to continue with more activities planned for the future.

Gateway Negombo’s Community Service project, “OUR VOICE – to listen, understand and love” too won the Gold Award last year. Having understood the dangerous pitfalls of internet abuse by teenagers, the students of Gateway Negombo addressed the issue of inadequate communication between parents and the teens. Last year too, the students interacted with the wider community by visiting temples, churches and schools.

Gateway College Dehiwala celebrates Founder’s Day fulfilling their pledge, “A Step for a Book”

In view of the 20 th Anniversary of the Gateway Group, Gateway College Dehiwala reached out to ‘Kuli/Deegalla Revatha Madya Maha Vidyalaya’ in Kuliyapitiya, raising funds to redecorate and renovate the library of the school, as well as provide the equipment it needed.

The Library was named the “R.I.T. Alles Memorial Library”, in commemoration of the Founding Father of Gateway, Mr. R.I.T. Alles. The students, teachers and management of Revatha Madya Maha Vidyalaya, were very grateful for their new library, expressing their thanks at a moving assembly held to mark the event.

The project, which began in February 2017, reached completion on 3 rd October 2017. It was an eight month long project which brought together students, teachers, parents and well-wishers. To raise the necessary funds, the school organized a walk, “A Step for a Book”, which was held on 5 th February 2017.

The walk engendered a sense of unity and pride, and brought together the entire Gateway College Dehiwala community and its stakeholders. The floats which highlighted the life of Mr R I T Alles and the significant milestones of the Gateway Group brought colour and glamour to the parade.

To make it even more special, the students of Kuli/Deegalla Revatha Madya Maha Vidyalaya also took part in the walk. The crowds then walked into a mini carnival at the culmination of the walk where clubs and societies of the school organised stalls and donated the proceeds towards the Revatha Madya Maha Vidyalaya library fund. After several trips to Kuliyapitiya, the project was completed even more successfully than planned, and the management, teachers, prefects and the community service club of Gateway Dehiwala, together with the Chairman and Directorate of the Gateway Group travelled for the opening of the library on the 3 rd of October 2017.

Revatha Madya Maha Vidyalaya has a student population of approximately 550. The school had a barely functioning library which caused many difficulties for the students. Many of these students also lack the facilities or home environment to allow them to study in their homes, and therefore, having a library that allows them to study at school late into the evening, will no doubt help their education and, in the long run, their future endeavours.

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