Gateway College Dehiwala receives major honours at SLMUN 2020

The 13 th session of Sri Lanka Model United Nations Conference was held last weekend, on 12 th and 13 th September. The conference was a memorable one to all who participated, since for the very first time, the entire conference was conducted virtually. Even though MUN online presented a completely new challenge, over 400 delegates from 28 leading schools demonstrated unparalleled resilience and diplomatic finesse. Gateway students proved their unmatched abilities as they engaged with the theme ‘A World of Conflict’ to discuss some of the most pressing international issues and develop comprehensive resolutions.

In the First General Assembly, Andrew Surendran claimed the Higher Commendation award while Venuki Mendis won the Honorary Mention award in the International Atomic Energy Agency. In the Third General Assembly, Imra Rizwi acquired the Honorary Mention award, Timothy Shankar won the Higher Commendation award whilst Shaheen Abdul Gani received the most coveted Best Delegate award.

In the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jehan Makalanda and Shimar Khan received the Honorary Mention and Higher Commendation awards respectively. In the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Abdul Aziz Fauzal Ameer was awarded the Honorary Mention, Mihan Hettiarachchi won the Higher Commendation award while Tarush Wickramarachchi won the Best Delegate award. In the global summit on climate change, Vyshalini Rajendran obtained the Higher Commendation award while Imaad Muwahid received the Best Delegate award. At the International Court of Justice, Adhil Fareed won the Honorary Mention award while Kavin Gunasekara achieved the Best Delegate award.

In the World Health Assembly, Nehan De Zoysa earned the Higher Commendation award and Lahiru Senaratne was awarded the Best Delegate award. Thinula Karunarathne acquired the Best Delegate award at the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

SLMUN concluded with a triumphant victory for Gateway, having secured a total of 17 awards across a range of diverse committees, with 6 Best Delegate awards. The MUN clubs of Gateway Colleges, unconditionally supported by the teachers in charge and the alumni, persists in their path towards conquering the MUN arena.

Second (L-R) Jehan Makalanda, Mrs Nishotha Anuraj Deputy Principal, Kavin Gunasekara, Dr Harsha Alles Chairman, Shaheen Abdul Gani, Mr Anthony Chelliah Deputy Principal, and Imaad Muwahid First Row (L-R) Nehan De Zoysa, Vyshalini Rajendran, Imra Rizwi, Thhinula Karunaratne, Timothy Shankar, Andrew Surendran, Tarush Wickramarachchi, Mihan Hettiarachchi, Adhil Fareed, Abdul Aziz Fauzal Ameer, Shimar Khan, and Venuki Mendis

Gateway College Kandy holds Graduation Ceremony

Stepping out of school into the wider world is a pivotal point in the lives of students. The class of 2020 of Gateway College Kandy bid farewell to their school life at the graduation ceremony held on the 27th of August, at the Ballroom of the Grand Kandyan Hotel. The affectionate regard the students have towards their school and teachers was clearly displayed at this grand event. The graduation, organised by the students and their teachers, was made memorable by the several entertainment items presented by the multitalented students. The ceremony which applauded the graduation of 46 students was attended by the school management, academic staff, graduates and family members amounting to over 220 guests in total.

The ceremony highlighted the many achievements of the Batch of 2020 which has been an outstanding one. Their Advanced Level results have now been released and several students have received exceptional results. Among them, 6 students have obtained 4 A Stars each while 5 have received 3 A Stars each. This year, students of Gateway received offers from prestigious universities such as the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, St. Andrew’s University Scotland, University College London, Loughborough University, University of Melbourne, New York University, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Toronto, National University of Singapore (NUS) and Yale – NUS, Singapore. Despite the setbacks of 2020, students have performed well and can look forward to more success in the days ahead.

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